“A day without dancing is a day not lived” / Mother of 3 / Creative / Energetic / Sense of humor / Warm & Compassionate / Home improvement enthusiast 

Martine is a warm and compassionate midwife with over 25 years of experience. With humor, love, and passion, she supports you on the journey to parenthood. She has been working as an IPT Practitioner since 2018 and, as of 2021, as a holistic midwife at Dana Centre.

How it all began…

On September 1, 1998, I started my career as a midwife in The Hague. At that time, I was also early on in my own pregnancy. Now, 25 years later, I’ve been part of many births, including those of my own three children.┬á

Martine Boerma midwife

As a clinical midwife, I had the opportunity in 2017, while working at the Haga Hospital, to undertake training in Integral Pelvic Therapy (IPT). Especially in a hospital setting, where the situation may not feel as safe and familiar as home, it’s crucial that people connect as autonomous and spiritual beings. This is particularly important during childbirth, which can be so earthly, raw, and intense.

I conducted IPT sessions for some time, using a slow, gentle approach to touch. I did this alongside my hospital job as a clinical midwife, where there are many stimuli, acute care needs, and seemingly no time for anything. The IPT training helped me connect with myself, a prerequisite for truly seeing others, apart from their medical needs.

Way of life Now,

I’m not just working; I’m a midwife at Dana. It’s become a way of life for me. We genuinely seek a personal connection with our clients. Getting to know them allows us to understand their needs during the transition to parenthood. Everyone is unique, with their own baggage and life scars. Therefore, every preparation is unique as well.

What do you like about working at Dana?

Working at Dana offers a blend of being a midwife and providing therapy in the form of IPT. It also allows for ample room for creativity. It challenges you to think, “What does this couple need?” This encourages creativity and constant self-nourishment and development. With my background as a clinical midwife, I also feel right at home in medical settings. For example, in cases of breech births or other medical reasons, I still play a significant role. Sometimes as a doula, but I remain onboard until the end.

I walk alongside clients for a while during this unique period of pregnancy and birth. Sometimes I lead the way and chart the course. I’m there from beginning to end, and that’s truly special!

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