Flo Joly de Lotbiniere, Mother – IPT Practitioner – Midwife

There is a time for doing and a time for being, the latter most of us could improve upon. Let’s sink in together with what is present in you, making space to acknowledge the sensations and emotions; giving yourself permission to feel and express, within the safety of your boundaries.

Words I might use to describe myself:
-respectful -determined -gentle -loving -warm -passionate -empathetic

As an Integral Pelvic Therapy (IPT) practitioner what I can offer is a safe container in which you are provided the time and space to become aware of what your body wants to communicate with you, to release what no longer serves you, and to set a new intention for the future. I am an advanced practitioner in the field of IPT, having completed the training for women in early 2020. I went on to do the training for men in 2022 but currently only offer sessions to women. As a midwife I can also work with women during pregnancy. 

My work as a midwife and IPT practitioner have greatly served me to better understand the sort of person I am, and to my awareness around childhood wounds, such as my struggle with perfectionism and being a “nice girl”. As well as this, IPT has given me the tools to take action on this awareness, learning how to be gentler with myself and to practise self love and care. IPT has also served me in working through some of my own traumas, particularly involving negative sexual experiences where I “allowed” my boundaries to be crossed. Feeling safe, working on boundaries, and experiencing embodied consent lies at the heart of IPT, something which I am especially passionate about supporting others in. Therefore I am incredibly grateful for the work I can offer, being and making use of who I am to serve others, and reciprocally feeling inspired and humbled by the clients I meet.

How I came to be in the Netherlands
In 2019 I was working in London as a midwife when I heard about the training for IPT and knew immediately that it was my doorway into being able to learn, experience and offer more alternative and holistic care. Initially my journey here was purely for IPT but it soon became clear to me that the calling went deeper. The initial plan was to work as a midwife with Daphne (one of the founders of IPT); we thought it would be straightforward for me to work in the Netherlands, particularly as English is commonly spoken and understood here…how wrong we were! It was a very exciting, unique and unusual start to my time in the Netherlands. Amongst other things, it involved: covid, a baby boom, learning a new language, numerous exams, being a kraamverzorgster, becoming a Dutch registered midwife, and of course many IPT sessions! 

Since the end of 2022 I began my own journey as a mother, which for the time being is where I choose to channel most of my energy. I hope in the future to call myself a Dana midwife once more, but in the meantime I am now able to offer IPT sessions on Tuesdays.

If you would like to read more about me and what I can offer, you can visit my website: www.floscentre.com

If you are interested in working together I would love to hear from you when you are ready. Please contact Dana centrum directly for appointments.

Thank you.


Het was zo fijn om bij Flo terecht te komen in de IPT sessies. Ik was zwanger van de tweede en wilde me deze keer holistisch voorbereiden. Ze liet me meteen op m’n gemak voelen bij de eerste ontmoeting. De therapie laat je echt meteen zakken in je lijf en verbinden met je baarmoeder op een manier die ik niet eerder heb ervaren. Flo werkt in afstemming en heeft een prettige opbouw in haar sessies. Hoewel ik ook wel eens moeilijke plekken tegenkwam tijdens de sessie ging ik er altijd ontspannen en vol vertrouwen vandaan dankzij Flo haar liefdevolle begeleiding. IPT kan heel serieus klinken maar met Flo heb je altijd plezier!

Thanks again for the great sessions we had in which I learned to feel more connected to my Yoni. I always felt that I was more of a boy, but especially since the last session I realised that I am actually, definitely a woman. I see Flo as a very loving, strong woman; an old soul in the body of a petite, young woman. I hope she will continue doing this important work, because every woman deserves this experience.

Thank you for this therapy, I felt a lot of relief. I am amazed how Flo felt so intuitively what my painful area was. She is a special human being.